The Waluigi Rumor: FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

On the file select screen, there is a black box on the side of the castle. Some people say that if you jump into the box, you will fall out as waluigi. This is a LIE. The box is not there when you start playing. Some people say that the waluigi hat is in Wet Dry world. People have searched it from top to bottom, and found nothing but Mario's, Luigi's, and Wario's hat. So, that is another LIE. Waluigi is not even in Action Replay. There is no waluigi in that game. Also another thing that got people excited is the buttons on the home menu. There is a red, 2 green, a yellow, and a purple. They think this is what it means:

Red-Mario Greens-Luigi and Yoshi Yellow-Wario Purple-Waluigi

This is nonsense. People have emailed nintendo to find out if these reasons are true, and they all get the same response:

Dear interested fan,

Even if you have proof, There is no waluigi in SM64DS. Please do not bother us again. Sincerly, Nintendo

This was copied and pasted from an actual email.

The Waluigi rumor was later announced from Nintendo that it was a prank for April Fool's

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