You may or may not have noticed, but after collecting 8 power stars and unlocking Mario, the various minigame character color-coded rabbits around the castle (outside the front of castle grounds, outside the back of the Boo's courtyard, and inside) will randomly be glowing. If you catch eight of these glowing rabbits, then you'll be rewarded with a key that unlocks the last white empty door in the room with the Mario, Luigi, and Wario character doors and the secret level Princess's Secret Slide. Open that door, Boo laughs will be heard, and you'll instantly earn a secret power star.

How do I get these Eight Glowing Rabbits? Edit

You can collect all eight glowing bunnies with whichever character you choose in any part of the castle, though we've expertly devised a formula that'll help get you all of the glowing bunnies the fastest. Change your character to Yoshi and step outside of the castle through the front door or the newly-exposed door after draining the basement's moat. At the end of the bridge there will always be three bunnies. The other three will be at the hedges on the left, the patch of flowers at the right, and in the drained moat, respectively. If you see one that's glowing, chase after it and catch it. There can also be multiple glowing ones at the same time. When you're done, go back into the castle through the same doors and then step right back out again. The six rabbits will all return to their places in front of the bridge, hedges, patch of flowers, and moat, respectively. If none are glowing, then just repeatedly enter and exit the castle through either of the doors. This is by far the fastest way to summon all eight glowing rabbits.
M64 03 195

Yoshi looks for the Glowing Rabbits.

Trivia Edit

  • They will disappear. Once all of the Glowing Rabbits are found, you can not see them ever again, unless the game is not saved and is restated. It's unknown where they go, but the regular rabbits will remain.
  • After you found the Glowing Rabbits and got the Star then re-enter the White Room, you will hear some more Boos. To hear more about this, see White Room of Boos.
  • If you see the glowing rabbits, but don't catch them or catch them without saving your progress, you can still catch them again later on.
  • It's also possible to get glowing rabbits faster with other characters by using the same trick as Yoshi's, repeatedly going in and out of the castle through the front and back doors.
M64 03 196

Yoshi catches the Glowing Rabbit.